Tia Socci is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY.  Her work blends the fluidity of both physical and digital mediums while playing with materiality. It explores the relationship between the real and unattainable through drastic proportions, free form shapes, and dreamlike qualities mixed with the hyperreal. As a communications designer,  shes believes the most important thing is the story and what needs to be translated to the audience. The interdisciplinary and combination of graphic design, film, and fine art creates room for collaboration, new ways of thinking, and cutting edge ideas.    

Throughout her design studies, she practiced the craft of design, book making, coding and film. Being at a school that allowed her to take a multidisciplinary learning track, has given her  more of an open mind and an open approach to creating. Playing with materiality is something that she  values as a designer and think that it is vital to create interactive stories that make up design. 


Pratt Institute
Brooklyn, NY
BFA Communications Design
Graphic Design


Moving Image
and Content- 2019

Toy Records NYC -2019

Gallery House -2021


917 474 7417

Brooklyn, NY 


CityWalk!  - 2020.
Motion Graphics Video
full video

This book is dervived from Google Maps Selfies that underwent a process of printing and scanning to emulate how images are transformed through online image circulation. To invade someone’s sense of privacy, the images from this book derive from “selfies” taken on Google Maps. It plays with this idea of voyeurism and how images can be transformed the more an image is seen.

Inspired by murder boards and maps, this book is a process book for the book pictured above this. 

The purpose of this website is to interact with these Google Maps selfies as it invades your privacy. 


Pirated, Privacy- 2021. This thesis will look at image circulation by translating between physical and digital materiality.  By mimicking the motions of uploading and downloading, this thesis  interrogates the question if privacy and ownership are violated through the lens of screenshots.
This thesis consists of three sets of books and a website.

Suspiria  - 2019.
Mock Motion Graphics Video
full video

Man on the Moon Album Art - 2020 
Mock vinlyl cover made by digital painting and collaging.  

New Magic Wand  - 2019.
Mock Motion Graphics Lyric Video
full video

Share - 2020 HTML & CSS
This project is a set of webpages explores the mindless action of reblogging, retweeting, and sharing that occurs on social media

Cyber Girlz- 2021.
Risograph printed zine with illutrastions. This zine is based on early 2000s internet culture popular amongst girls.


Body Diptych!  - 2020. Illustration. Mixed Medium In this series of images, I created both a digital and physical image of an abstract body by misusing materiality

Froggy Goes West - 2021
Risograph print and Illustration